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Gwen Too Obscene for Malaysia

Malaysian authorities may cancel Gwen Stefani's scheduled shows due to complaints from religious groups.

The National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students argue that Stefani dresses indecently, which is not in alignment with Islamic values.

"Her video clips promoting the event are too obscene," said Mohamad Hilmi Ramil, president of the group. "We want the organisers to cancel the concert, failing which we will ask the authorities to intervene."

... they only do it "to make a profit and to expose our young generation to things such as moral decay."

Bikini ban or Taliban? Malaysia cover-up strips tourism profits

Looking for beautiful beaches, pristine reefs and hospitable, friendly locals who know how to welcome their foreign guests?

Forget about northeast Malaysia unless you like being punished for failing to comply with new regulations imposed by Taliban-like Muslim fanatics.

Bikini Ban on Golden Beaches

Terengganu, Malaysia. The number of SCUBA divers and tourists visiting resorts has declined by almost 30% during the three months since Muslim fanatics issued another Bikini Ban in Malaysia. The hard-line Islamic state government ordered sunbathers on its golden beaches to cover themselves up and dress more modestly!

Extremist Elements Are Bent Upon Bringing Shame To Malaysia

Over the past few years the country's religious authorities in particular have been at the forefront of the effort to show Malaysia and Islam in the worst light imaginable: A few years ago Malaysia made the international headlines when members of the religious morality-police vice squad raided a nightclub in the capital, arresting and detaining all the young Malaysians there who happened to be Muslims, while allowing their non-Muslim friends and companions to party the night away. Those arrested later complained to the media that they were harassed and abused, locked in cages and humiliated by the morality police themselves ...

Then came the spate of other raids of peoples' homes ...

American Couple Has Close Encounter with Shari'a in Malaysia

The forces of radical Islam are getting very bold in Malaysia, an American couple was subjected to a terrifying 2 am raid by religious enforcement officers:

Barnhart, 62, and his wife Carole, 61, were in their rented condominium in Kuah when enforcement officers continuously knocked on their door at 2am, accusing them of committing khalwat (close proximity).

He said the officers demanded to see his marriage certificate, although he had told them that they were Christians and should not be subjected to Islamic law.

“We find it difficult to forget the unpleasant episode. My wife was so terrified by the incident that she fears sleeping in that condominium,” he added.

Banhart said the officers were rude and insisted on “seeing the woman” when he opened the door. “My wife had to show herself despite only having a sarong on at that time. We felt humiliated for being treated this way,” he said.

He said he had to send his wife back to the United States on the next available flight because she feared people might return to the condominium to terrify her in the middle of the night. She flew home on Wednesday.

Under shari’a law, khalwat is the crime of being in close proximity to someone of the opposite sex who is neither a spouse nor a relative.

Kelantan, north east Malaysia

As a man you can not get your hair cut by a woman. Hotels are building separate pools for men and women. Ladies and girls can only dive in fully dressed, headscarves flying, which, in my book, defeats the point of swimming, especially in the monsoon heat.

The genders have to stand in separate queues at the supermarket - just in case they should be over-come by passion while waiting to pay for their frozen peas.

And, perhaps most bizarrely of all, the lights in Kelantan's three cinemas are never fully dimmed, so that the ushers can spot which couples are no longer concentrating on the film's plot, and tell the authorities.

"Why are the lights on in the cinema?" we asked him. "It's obvious," he said, "People can watch all these films on video at home. So if they want to see them in a dark cinema , they can only have one thing in mind, can't they?"

It is the warped but iron-clad logic of the morally righteous.

Gwen Too Obscene for Malaysia
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Hollaback Girl

Bikini ban or Taliban? Malaysia cover-up strips tourism profits
Bikini Ban on Golden Beaches
Extremist Elements Are Bent Upon Bringing Shame To Malaysia
American Couple Has Close Encounter with Shari'a in Malaysia
Political benefits of sin


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