Generation M

M1: Hey, Mo, what ya wanna be when you grow up? A moderate or a radical?

M2: What? You're crazy man, I'm gonna be a taxi driver like my dad.

M1: No, really, are you gonna be a martyr or a financer?

M2: What? Shut the hell up! Mi5 has these prams bugged and microchipped, you moron. They're sittin there eatin doughnuts watching us on CCTV right now! You think those pretty black outfits won't be flashin DEFCON 1 on their facial recognition software? Those days are gone man, you're livin in the past.

M1: Yeah, well the mujahideen talks in code. The stupid infidels can't see us coming.

M2: All you've got coming is a long-stay at Guantanamo Bay, now shut the hell up.

Court hears of alleged member of a Muslim terror cell

AN alleged member of a Muslim terror cell was recorded organising a visit to bush near Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport to "be mujahideen" ...

“We're gonna go into ... the bush where Tullamarine airport is,” said Bassam Radd. “We just gonna ... go there, run through there.”

When Ezzit Radd laughingly replied “you are psychos”, Bassam Raad responded: “I swear, but we have to be mujahideen, man.”

Ezzit Radd then warned that mujahideen was the wrong word to use over the telephone.

Bassam Radd replied: “I just thought that after I said it.”
M1: Which is the greater jihad: Israeli pigs or the great satan USA?

M2: [gasps] Mom! He's using the "j" word!

Mom2: Just ignore him, dear.

M1: Shut-up, woman! Allah created the woman deficient! Know your place!

Mom2: Where did he get that from? Surely not his father?

Mom1: Oh, I think that might have been friday's sermon at the mosque.
Documentary: Undercover Mosque

For last week’s “Dispatches” program on Britain’s Channel Four, a reporter with a hidden camera entered Birmingham’s Green Lane mosque ... Among the statements recorded in the Green Lane mosque were these about women:

“Allah has created the woman – even if she gets a Ph.D. – deficient. Her intellect is incomplete, deficient. She may be suffering from hormones that will make her emotional. It takes two witnesses of a woman to equal the one witness of the man.”

“By the age of ten, it becomes an obligation on us to force her to wear hijab, and if she doesn’t wear hijab, we hit her.”

“Men are in charge of women. Wherever he goes she should follow him, and she shouldn’t be allowed leave the house without his permission.”
M1: [sees religious Jew walking towards tim] Hey, check out the pig. [snorts]

M2: Mom! He's snorting!

M1 [turns around]: Oh dear, there's a Jew behind me, what shall I do?

Mom2: Did he get that from the mosque too?

Mom1: No, I think that might have been Saudi TV. We got it on cable last week along with Hamas TV, he just adores Farfour Micky.
3-Year-old Egyptian: Jews Are Apes and Pigs

Excerpt from interview with three-year-old Egyptian girl, Basmallah, on Iqra TV in 2002.

Amer: Basmallah, do you know the Jews?
Basmallah: Yes
Amer: Do you like them?
Basmallah: No.
Amer: Why don't you like them?
Basmallah: Because.
Amer: Because they are what?
Basmallah: They are apes and pigs.
Amer: Because they are apes and pigs. Who said that about them?
Basmallah: Our God.
Amer: Where did he say that about them?
Basmallah: In the Koran.
M1: So are your folks gonna get cable TV?

M2: [shakes head] You're a dinosaur, man. Radicals are yesterday's heroes. Brother Tariq says we should just be a witness for Islam and that's enough.

M1: So you'll just get married, have kids and settle down?

M2: Yeah

M1: How many wives?

M2: Four, of course, if I can provide.

[M1 and M2 burst into simultaneous laughter.] Hahahahahaha!

M1: Ah, yes there will be a lot of "providing". How many kids?

M2: Well Abdul Raheem Green says we can outbreed the Westerners if we have lots of babies, so I'm thinkin 10 or 12 each wife.

M1: [pauses] Radical.
It's us who pay

UNEMPLOYED scrounger Mohammed Salim is getting the state to pay for him, his wife and their ELEVEN kids—because he can't be bothered to go to work.

He quit his £27,000 job teaching maths and science three years ago and is BETTER OFF claiming £29,096 a year in benefits.

And he has much more time to devote to his Islamic political party— which ATTACKS the British government, even though this country gives his family their food, clothes and house for free.

Mohammed is also busy planning his TWELFTH baby with wife Noreen, 35, but has no plans to get a job.

What will the cultural commentators make of Generation M?


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