Someone has commented that they cannot read this blog because of the colours. I will keep a mirror of this blog here in plain colours. Hopefully you will be able to read one of the two. If not, leave a comment and I'll try to find another way. There may be a slight delay in updating the plain looking blog from this one.


  1. This is an interesting blog. I guess that you place your personal choice of colours over readability because you don't want yours to look like approximatelly 817,000 other blogs, but redability ought to come first, or so I think. I am basically able to read the original version, but get tired soon. The alternative version is refreshing after that.

    Just my two Eurocents and keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for your comments. Your Evil Style blog is good for a laugh. But, seriously, we do seem to have flushed aesthetics down the drain of late. Getting them back will be a challenge.

    And your comment about the headscarf is interesting: "Human rights can be claimed only from the state, not from a co-citizen".

    My blog was originally plain white, but I felt blinded by the light. I could get bored with it and change colours again ...