Mohammed: Top of the Pops


: Is that a bomb in your bag?

: What? I should be asking you that question.

Muslim: Oh, but no. Haven't you heard the news?

: What?

: Mohammed will be the most popular boys name in Britain this year. Look ...

Mohammed Top Name This Year

MOHAMMED is likely to be the most popular name for baby boys in Britain by the end of the year, according to new data ...

... it ranks second, only behind Jack, according to The Times ...

... if the growth of the name Mohammed continues - it rose by 12 per cent last year - the name will take the top spot by the end of this year."

Muslim: Don't you feel odd, dressed like that?

What? You're the one dressed like a post-box!

Muslim: I'm just concerned that you will suffer discrimination for choosing to express your minority culture.

Yeah, right, whatever.

Is that a doctor's bag? Are you a doctor?

Oh, god. No, I'm not a doctor!

Muslim: Well, one can't be too careful these days with minority doctors ...

Yeah, yeah, I get it. I'll be a minority soon.

Well, you Muslims sure did a fine job of integrating, didn't you?

Bollocks! It was your own fault. You should have listened to Melanie Phillips ...

Multiculturalism has produced furthermore two particularly lethal effects. First, it has left all immigrants abandoned, and none more lethally so than young Muslims. For if there is no longer an overarching culture, there is nothing into which minorities can integrate ...

Second, and worse still, multiculturalism has reversed the notions of truth and lies, victim and victimiser. Since minorities can do no wrong, they cannot be held responsible for acts such as suicide bombings which must instead be the fault of their victims. This key confusion, which has caused intellectual and moral paralysis in the west, plays directly into the pathological Muslim victim culture which makes dialogue impossible ... This fundamental untruth has created a dialogue of the demented.

: Are you finished gloating?


What now?

Muslim: You should have also listened to Winston Churchill ...

If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you with only a precarious chance of survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is not hope of victory at all, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.


  1. Squalid Shoebox (is it ok to address you this way)

    I find your blog fun to read while making a serious point as well.

    I really do recommend Ernle Bradford's The Siege of Malta. I could not put it down and read it straight through, then next day read it again. Bradford was part of the second great siege of Malta in 1943(?) as a Royal navy officer, so he knows what a siege is. He writes well and true to history.

    You are doing a great job in raising the consciousness of people about the mortal threat that Islam poses the West, and doing so in a manner that is far more likely to reach the populace then VFR's approach, which is really for the "Islam educated" and the converted.

    Ernle Bradford's has written several books on warfare in the naval middle ages.

    On the topic of Islamic wars on Europe, "The Sword and the Cross" is good. Both can be obtained form your local library.

  2. DP, my friends call me Shoebox. Well, they would if I had any. Ahem.

    Thanks for the tip on Bradford and co. I'll add it to my rapidly growing 'to do' list.

    If you like to laugh, also check out Colonel Robert Neville. Nowhere else can you be in stitches, confused and informed all at the same time. It's a hoot! And he's an Aussie too.

    The Shoebox values humour greatly. He was restrained in a hospital bed for 6 months whilst in therapy for militant Islamophobia. Until one of the hospital cleaners cured him when no doctor could - by pointing out that it was a patriotic duty to take the piss out of everything.

  3. Keep up the good work, shoebox. Do what you can to keep OZ safe, cos I'm thinking of emigrating. Unless something happens soon, Europe is doomed to sharia. The leftards running the place probably think islam will reform itself when they see how nice we are to them.

  4. urban11

    Dont give up the fight. Europe is not doomed, just asleep or tranquilised by the PC LibLeft Quislings.

    England will awake, and so will France. I dont know about Holland, Sweden or Norway. As usual, they will leave other people to clear up the mess, for they do not want to disturb their conscience. They would rather die along with our civilisation, then do the necessary, and take the hard and uncompromising actions that will save them.

    Rest assured that if they dont, we will do it for them, for our opwn wellbeing.

  5. Squalid Shoebox

    Thanks for the links

    You will enjoy these.

    The above is good. Each and every line and phrase is worth reading.

  6. Shoebox

    The peoplescube is just out of this world.

  7. Muslim society, is so different from Western society, that allowing Muslims populations to grow in the West, will lead initially to friction, then civil strife, and finally civil war. We can see this happening right before our eyes.

    So why is our LibLeft elite hell bent in creating a mother of all messes? How has it come about that "diversity" within a nation is seen as desirable. This is patently absurd. A diversity of cultures within a nation leads inevitably to disunity, and disunity in values and culture, leads to a fall of society ie of the West. And that is precisely what the Left wishes to come about - it is their revenge for the fall of USSR and Marxism.

  8. I live in a massively "diverse" area of Sydney. It's cold and unfriendly with the different ethnicities rarely engaging one another. Many can barely speak English. There is no sense of community or security. It's bloody awful and completely un-Australian. Another decade and just about all of Sydney will be this way. Another 2 decades and just about all of Australia will be this way. Hell on earth.