Lurching into total frankness

Lurch: You rang?

Blair blames spate of murders on black culture

Tony Blair yesterday claimed the spate of knife and gun murders in London was not being caused by poverty, but a distinctive black culture ...

... Blair said the recent violence should not be treated as part of a general crime wave, but as specific to black youth. He said people had to drop their political correctness and recognise that the violence would not be stopped "by pretending it is not young black kids doing it" ...

... the prime minister admitted he had been "lurching into total frankness" in the final weeks of his premiership ...

Mr Blair said he had been moved to make his controversial remarks after speaking to a black pastor of a London church at a Downing Street knife crime summit, who said: "When are we going to start saying this is a problem amongst a section of the black community and not, for reasons of political correctness, pretend that this is nothing to do with it?" Mr Blair said there needed to be an "intense police focus" on the minority of young black Britons behind the gun and knife attacks ...
Another white family desolated

Here's another white person, police officer Andrew Widman of Fort Myers, Florida, a father of three, murdered on a whim by one of the innumerable Negro savages whom we allow to roam about at liberty in our society... Widman, patrolling Fort Myers' night club district, saw Abel Arango hassling his girlfriend outside a club. The officer intervened, and Arango pulled out a gun and shot Widman in the face, killing him. Officers then chased Abel, he fired at them, and they killed him ...

Is it racist, i.e., is it morally wrong, to speak of "Negro savages who are roaming about at liberty in our society"? No ...

Indeed, I am acting according to the Kantian categorical imperative, speaking the way I think everyone should speak. If our whole society began to declare plainly that predatory black savages are running loose among us and that this is totally unacceptable, then we would start to do something about it, and many innocent people, white and black, would be saved, and many families, white and black, would not be destroyed. But so long as the reality of this race-specific savagery is daintily covered up, society will remain passive and helpless, absorbing one black murder after another, forever.

Civilization is the opposite of savagery. Therefore part of what defines civilized people is that they oppose savagery and do not tolerate it. And to oppose it, they must speak truthfully about it. So let's forget about the superficial contemporary "civility" that never calls unpleasant and dangerous things by their proper names, and so allows aliens, enemies, and savages to take over. Instead of practicing such "civility," let us stand for civilization.
Are we witnessing some lurching here in Australia?
Andrews releases 'evidence'

Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews has released a summary of allegations against African migrants which he says contributed to his decision to slash the number of refugees Australia accepts from the region ...

"Concerns about the establishment of race-based gangs, reports of altercations between African groups in nightclubs and at community functions, disagreements among prominent African community organisations over accusations that some are receiving favoured treatment in accessing community services," he said...

"Tensions have arisen between some African families involving conflict and assault, concern among some community leaders as to the increase in crime among some African youths, and reports of a developing trend of young African males congregating in parks at night, often to consume alcohol." ...

Door 'shut but not locked' to Africans

Mr Andrews said pretending there was no problem was not going to help the refugees.

He said many of the refugees were young men in their teens and 20s who had an education level equivalent to grades two or three in primary school.

"Many of them have spent up to a decade in refugee camps and much of their lives in war-torn situations, then they have to settle in a country with a culture vastly different from where they came from," Mr Andrews said.
And the response?
Immigration Minister 'racist': Bligh

Premier Anna Bligh has launched a scathing attack on Federal Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews, describing his comments about the Sudanese community as "racist" and as coming from the "deep south of America in the 1950s" ...

"It has been a long time since I have heard such a pure form of racism out of the mouth of any Australian politician. For it to come to come from the Immigration Minister is particularly disturbing ...

"Kevin Andrews' comments are basically making a judgment about the character of people on the basis of their race," Ms Bligh said.

"There is no more pure form of racism. And to have it come out of the mouth of the federal Immigration Minister of this country is something that I think Australians will see for what it is ..."
Will Australia become host to black savagery if we fail speak with total frankness?
Rapist jailed for 24 years

A young rapist who attacked a 63-year-old woman and three teenagers in three days has been jailed for 24 years.

Hakeem Hakeem, 21, the father of a two-year-old boy, blinked, but showed no emotion when Justice Murray Kellam imposed sentence...

The day before his last attack, Hakeem imprisoned, punched, slashed and raped the woman in her home, saying "Sorry Mum" to her before fleeing...

Hakeem was found guilty of raping and falsely imprisoning a girl 16, who was attacked in a scout hall at Dandenong on March 10, 2005...

Justice Kellam said the crimes, which he described as horrific, violent and debauched, took place about a month after Hakeem arrived in Australia as a refugee from Sudan.
Or has it already begun?


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